Relaunch of Ligue 1 Talk…ish.

A few days ago, I posted my first blog post on this website in five years. However, that wasn’t unintentional. In fact, at the start of this World Cup I decided that I was going to relaunch this website again. Like the previous website, the focus is going to be on French club football and French cup competition. However, there will be a few changes to this site that will make it different than it was before.

First, there will be more diversity talking when talking about the lower leagues. While it is hard to watch Ligue 2 and Championnat National games, it isn’t always impossible. Therefore, while Ligue 1 will be the focal point of this blog, Ligue 2 and CN will be more prominent than it was recently.

Second, there will be more talk about French players abroad. While this is supposed to focus on French club football, this blog will look at other French players abroad. This is for two reasons. First, many of them have come from the French professional football system. Second, this blog will probably be talking more about the French national team, especially after the World Cup victory.

Third, this website (and eventual podcast) will be geared more toward an American audience. So yes, I will be calling it soccer as well. Yes, I will call it a game. And yes, I might use the word field instead of “pitch”. When this website was up previously, there was a huge American influence on the blog. I have no intention on changing that approach.

Forth, because we are talking about other French divisions of football, there will be increased emphasis on younger players than previously. Last time around, the blog was focused more on Ligue 1 matches and commentary. This time, I will be taking a well-rounded approach when it comes to looking at players from around French football (which will probably include expanding the writing staff eventually).

Finally, and this is a big one, I am rarely going to talk about PSG!!! As many of you know, the sale of PSG was what eventually led me to quit blogging about French football (something I will write more about in the coming days). But over the last few years, the official Ligue 1 English media has, sadly, been a promotion platform for PSG, and does not promote the league in general. Other teams are rarely mentioned on or any other sites (especially official Ligue 1 sites). When Olympique Marseille finds it hard to produce headlines for the official Ligue 1 page, then you know something is wrong. It is time to bring back coverage of other Ligue 1 teams, and this blog will do that once again.

Even though I am bringing back the blog, it probably will not start officially until around the end of 2018. The reason for this is because I need to acclimate myself to watching the games again, as well as study each team. Last time around, I did pride myself on this blog being able to provide intellectual commentary. I want to make sure that high standard is retained when it is relaunched.

Also, the name of the blog will change. I didn’t continue paying for the domain, and now some Japanese company owns So, once the domain is registered, I will let you know what it is.

So, with that, I will be writing a few blog posts between now and the end of 2018. It is possible that the official relaunch might be earlier. I will let you know.

For those who supported this blog in the past, I hope that you will do so again in future. And thanks to everyone else who is new to the blog.

Dave Trotter


Ligue 1 Talk’s “Power Breakdown”

For 20 years, I had worked in the field of political science as a statistician. During that time, I had to crunch numbers for every district on the face of the earth to try to predict voting trends. I created spreadsheets that had fields that were over 200 Excel pages long. So, why not apply some of that know-how to French football?

Each week, I will be doing an overview of the Ligue 1 week. Since I can thank for showing almost every match online, it gives me an opportunity to see all the matches, all the players, and give a fair assessment of play in each of those matches.

There are a few points the “Power Breakdown” will be covering. Some of them has to do with stats, some don’t.

First, I will be showing the “Goal of the Week”. This is just my personal choice of the best goal for that week. At the end of the season, we will have a “Goal of the Year”.
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Ligue 1 Talk “2010 Shout Outs”!

Happy New Year!

Well everyone, it is another year come and gone. And instead of talking about all that happened in the Ligue 1 season, as well as the World Cup, I just want to talk about the past season regarding Ligue 1 Talk and moving forward into 2011.

I started this website 16 months ago, and since then it has taken off. 2010 was better than our first year. And next year, we expect to bring you even more news, commentary and fun regarding the Ligue 1 world.

To start of the new year, we will be conducting an exclusive interview with one of the “English voices of Ligue 1”, and the author of the “Spiro Blog” on, Matthew Spiro. Hopefully we will have many more interviews in the upcoming year.

But I would like to thank a few people that have helped us throughout the year, and they deserve special shout outs. This isn’t really in any order, but here we go. And forgive me if I do miss anyone.
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Happy Festivus!

Well, it is the holiday season, so I might be busy shoving prime rib (tonight) and honey-glazed ham (tomorrow) down my throat before I go on my “diet”. No, really this time I am serious, unlike the 78 times before!

Anyway, I wanted to wish everyone a happy Festivus. And, if you want, a happy Kwanzaa as well. Yes, I am sticking with the “made up” holidays so I don’t offend anyone.

During this time, we will still be looking for our Best French Team Logo (which I hoped we had more people by now). Also, we will try to get some articles up. So, if you see us taking a little break, don’t worry. I’m just not in a critical thinking mood.

Anyway, so what are Festivus traditions. Well here is it from Wikipedia (and in this case, I think Wiki is the most reliable source of information):
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No Matchday 14 Preview, and other things…

Was going to put in a photo of Vinnie Jones (don't know why), but decided to keep it French instead.

Hello everyone. Now that my political mind has finally stopped spinning, I can get back to writing about French football.

I will admit, there was a time where I was thinking about not writing about football anymore. But after our feature in L’Equipe and Canada’s Inside Soccer, it has given me the rejuvenation I need to continue. Therefore, I will be back to writing on this site on a daily, or nearly daily, basis.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a political junkie, as I used to be a campaign consultant. So when any election comes around, I am in full election mode. Election Day is like Christmas, the Super Bowl and Boneless Wing Thursday at Buffalo Wild Wings all rolled into one. And with how f’*cked up this election was, I was working overtime on my political blog The Political Hurricane.

But before I get back into writing, there are two main things that I need to do.
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Ligue 1 Talk in L’Equipe and Canada’s Inside Soccer!

Hey everyone. Sorry I haven’t been on here in a while. I haven’t done much, or watched much, French footy lately because I have been totally submerged in the political scene here in the United States. As you may know, we have an election in six days, and I am kind of a political junkie (as well as a former political consultant). Ligue 1 footy is my booze, but politics is my crack! And with this election being so important, I have just been writing non-stop about it.

I am planning on going down to Kentucky today to help campaign for Jack Conway, who is running against Rand Paul for the US Senate. So, between now and Election Day, I might be a little busy.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention that Ligue 1 Talk has been mentioned in France’s largest sports newspaper, L’Equipe. I would first like to thank Jerome Touboul, one of L’Equipe’s top football writers, specializing in Ligue 1, PSG and Brazilian football, for writing the article. I met him at the PSG games in Chicago and he was a really friendly person who showed great interest in our site. It was nice to see that France has some interest in Americans following their soccer as well.
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Ligue 1 Talk news : en français

Corny, but...

A tous nos nouveaux lecteurs :

merci de nous avoir rejoint sur Ligue 1 Talk. J’ai suivi par Dave les quelques histoires de votre rencontre au Toyota Park et il a été très touché pr votre gentillesse et votre envie d’échanger. Donc merci à tous les Français et Parisiens de Chicago, tout d’abord.

Ce site rassemble des passionnés, aussi bien Américains que Français, de la Ligue 1 et du football français en général. A quelques jours du début de la Coupe du Monde et où la frénésie pré-compétition bat son plein avec le premier match amical remporté par les Bleus hier soir, le site s’anime un peu plus et nous sommes ravis de vous accueillir.

Afin de contenter tout le monde, le site va donc commencer à publier quelques articles en Français, qui seront écrits par votre serviteur, ou par un nouveau collaborateur, Nicolas, qui a gentiment accepté de mettre ses talents à notre service. La majorité des articles restera toutefois évidemment en anglais.

Si vous voulez écrire/débattre avec nous, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter via Twitter ou mail, ou tout simplement à participer dans la section des commentaires.

Bonne Coupe du Monde à tous, et nous essaierons de garder ce site le plus à jour possible, selon les disponibilités des uns et des autres.

To all our non-French speakers

Ligue 1 Talk staff (I like making us sound important) has decided that we’d try and have a few articles in French, as we are welcoming a new contributor. But don’t worry, we are not forgetting about you and you’ll get the same royal treatment you’ve been used to. Just trying to amp up the buzz before the World Cup.

Au revoir!